Learn Korean Online: Join Our 1-On-1 Korean Class

What’s not to love about South Korean culture? Starting from K-Pop, foods, traditions, and many more, the Korean wave certainly impact the world in this globalization era. It increases their popularity among TV shows or dramas and music; perhaps some would say that they have dominated the world’s entertainment.

Aside from that, many people even start saving their money to travel to South Korea. On the side of South Korea, their economy has increased numbers due to the effect of it. Therefore, whether you are learning Korean for communication purposes or just showing it off to your friends, you may want to enroll in Asian Language School’s Korean class. The type of classes is available ranged from kids to adult; here is a brief explanation:

Korean for Kids

This class is for elementary school level children. It is a 1-on-1 private lesson via an online classroom with two levels in Korean class for kids: level 1 and level 2.

In level 1, the teacher will introduce Korean language’s hangeul to the students assisted with Romanized pronunciation. As for level 2, the student will continue to learn more and sing Korean children songs. The teacher also introduces Korean foods to the student.

Korean for Teens

This Korean class is for secondary school students with two types of classes available: private 1-on-1 class and group class. Two levels are available in this class, namely level 1 and level 2. In this class, the students learn to read and pronounce hangeul letters and form syllable blocks. In level 2, they will continue to learn using Korean hangeul texts and learn about the traditions of Korea.

Korean for Adults

This is the most comprehensive Korean class that Asian School Language has to offer. The course will guide you from beginner to higher advanced level. Each level is designed for you to learn and pronounce the Korean hangeul and grammar; it also includes computer typing practice on how to type hangeul. The course will continue to develop your reading comprehension skills by reading various passages.

Whether you are a parent who wants your children to learn Korean as their second language, a teen that idolizes a K-Pop group, or an adult with communication purposes, Asian Language School’s Korean class is a great place to start. Professional native Korean teachers teach every class available to ensure a pleasant experience and efficiency in learning.

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